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Some teachers will be updating their textbooks to a newer Version.

Check back mid May for our NEW 20-21 books and supplies list. 

Class Grade Pre-requisite Instructor
Business/ Dual Credit11-12 Wisley, Mike
Career Development11-12 Wisley, Mike
Economics/Dual Credit (NEW 2020/2021)11-12 Crawford, Mike
Health and Personal Fitness9-12 Garrett, Brenda
HS Journalism/Yearbook9-12 Essa, Susan
Advanced Journalism/Yearbook10-12 Essa, Susan
Speech9-12 Nelson, Gus
MS Cognitive Skills6-8 Weiner, Glenda
HS Cognitive Skills9-12Weiner, Glenda
MS Computer Fundamentals6-8 Lloyd, Lisa
MS Computer Science Discoveries6-8 Lloyd, Lisa
HS Computer Fundamentals9-12 Lloyd, Lisa
HS Computer Science Principles10-12 Lloyd, Lisa
Psychology10-12 Abel, John
Sociology9-12 Goodlett, Sandra
Chess Fundamentals6-12 Porter, Andrew
Advanced Chess7-12 Porter, Andrew
Bible 10110-12 Tufts, Micah
Worldview Apologetics9-12 Tufts, Micah
World Religions9-12 Still, E. Coye
Middle School Bible 8-98-9 Abel, John
Middle School Bible 6-76-7Still, E. Coye
Music Appreciation9-12 Pennington, Jonathan
Orchestra (NEW – 2020/2021)6-12 Vander Zouwen, Stephanie (2020/2021)
Advanced Drama and Theatre Production9-12 McFerran, Debra
Drama6-12 McFerran, Debra
Choir7-12 Vander Zouwen, Stephanie (2020/2021)
Advanced Choir8-12 Vander Zouwen, Stephanie (2020/2021)
MS Spanish6-8 McCloy, Christine
Spanish 19-12 Tufts, Micah
Spanish 210-12 Tufts, Micah
Spanish 311-12 McCloy, Christine
Spanish 4 (NEW – 2020/2021)11-12 McCloy, Christine
Chinese 18-12 Wang, Siran
Chinese 29-12 Wang, Siran
Chinese 3 (NEW 2020/2021)10-12 Wang, Siran
Latin 18-11 Essa, Susan
Latin 29-12Essa, Susan
Advanced American Government & Current Affairs11-12 Nelson, Gus
Ancient World History – CLEP (2020/2021)9-12 Dibble, Bonnie
World Geography8-9 Porter, Andrew
Middle School – Ancient World History 6/76-7 Porter, Andrew
Middle School – Modern World History 7/8 (2020/2021)7-8 Porter, Andrew
Physics10-12 Speicher, Bill
Origins 11-12 Tappmeyer, Katy
CSI Forensic Science9-12 Garrett, Brenda
Chemistry 110-12 Mitchell, Tina
Chemistry 211-12 Speicher, Bill
Biology 19-11Tappmeyer, Katy
Anatomy / Biology 210-12 Garrett, Brenda
Physical Science8-9 Mitchell, Tina
General Science7-8 Garrett, Brenda
Science 77-8 Cook, Janice
Science 66-7 Cook, Janice
Personal Finance / Dual Credit11-12 Wisley, Mike
Consumer Math11-12 Wisley, Mike
Advanced Calculus10-12 Speicher, Bill
Precalculus10-12 Crawford, Mike
Geometry (NEW 2020/2021)9-12 Renfro, Gina
Algebra 29-12 Speicher, Bill
Algebra 19-12Smith, Toma
Algebra ½ (Pre-Algebra)7-11 Smith, Toma
Math 8/76-8Smith, Toma (2020/2021)
Math 7/66-8 Mitchell, Tina
Math 6/56-7Mitchell, Tina
English 12/ Dual Credit British Lit & Comp (2020/2021)12th Clark, Beverly
English 11/12 – British Literature and Comp (2020/2021)11-12Essa, Susan
English 10 Literature & Composition10Goodlett, Sandra
English 9 Literature and Composition9McFerran, Debra
English 8 Literature and Composition8Burke, Kassie
English 77Goodlett, Sandra
English 66Burke, Kassie (2020/2021)
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