College Prep High School Requirements

SubjectRequired CreditsCEC Courses
English4English all 4 years of High School
Social Studies3American History, World History
plus 1 elective: Government, Geography or another History Class
Math4Alg 1, Alg 2, Pre-calculus (these 3 Saxon Courses incorporate the geometry credit), 1 math elective such as Personal Finance, or Consumer Math.
Math is to be taken all 4 years of high school.
Science3Physical Science and Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Electives: Anatomy, Chem II, Origins, CSI: Forensic Science
Foreign Language22 years of the same language (Latin, Spanish, Chinese)
Fine Arts1Music Appreciation, Drama, Choir
Health / PE1Health and Personal Fitness
Electives4-6Electives can be taken from any category:
Core classes, Bible, Arts, Electives
Total 22-24