Advanced Choir (8-12 grades) - Vander Zouwen, Stephanie (2020/2021)

Prerequisite: CEC Choir Class. Returning students to choir will register under the Advanced Choir.  They will enjoy a leadership role helping new students acclimate to the choir.

Advanced Drama and Theatre Production (9-12 grades) - McFerran, Debra

Students focus on the rudiments of acting,and learn what happens on “the other side of the curtain” from stage to house management.

Choir (7-12 grades) - Vander Zouwen, Stephanie (2020/2021)

Fulfills the fine arts credit where students will learn and apply technical skills, analyze and perform music. Students will enjoy singing, instruction in music theory, and sight singing.  Concerts will be performed at the end of the first and second semesters and Graduation.

Drama (6-12 grades) - McFerran, Debra

An effective program for the theatre student which will focus on the rudiments of acting from the creativity of the mind to the application of the body and voice.

Music Appreciation (9-12 grades) - Pennington, Jonathan

This class fulfills the fine arts credit by teaching the history of music through interaction with the different periods, movements, style, and technique.

Orchestra (NEW – 2020/2021) (6-12 grades) - Vander Zouwen, Stephanie (2020/2021)

Students will play string instruments in a collaborative context, learning music in a variety of styles for practice and performance. Any experience level will be accepted but students are required to provide their own instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass). For recommendations regarding local instrumental rental options, please contact the instructor.

Student Contests​

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