Business/ Dual Credit (11-12 grades) - Wisley, Mike

Pre-requisite: 3.0 GPA if taking for dual credit through IWU. This course is an overview of business, including: business ownership, entrepreneurship, economics, global markets, ethics, social responsibility and more.

Career Development (11-12 grades) - Wisley, Mike

Designed to help students figure out their strengths and passions, to help them determine God’s plan for their career path.

HS Computer Fundamentals (9-12 grades) - Lloyd, Lisa

Students will become familiar with the basic principles and terminology of computers. MS Office software application skills will be taught.

Advanced Journalism/Yearbook (10-12 grades) - Essa, Susan

Prerequisite: HS Journalism/Yearbook. Students will transition to editorial boards to help oversee the design and production of the Consort newsletter and the CEC Yearbook.

Psychology (10-12 grades) - Abel, John

An examination of the current and historical perspectives in psychology from a Christian perspective.

Health and Personal Fitness (9-12 grades) - Garrett, Brenda

The course satisfies the Kentucky Department of Education’s requirements for health (½ credit) and physical education (½ credit).

HS Journalism/Yearbook (9-12 grades) - Essa, Susan

A high school class designed to introduce students to all forms of journalism and yearbook design.

Speech (9-12 grades) - Nelson, Gus

Designed to help students come to understand that speaking in public through verbal communication is mostly an extension of what they already know how to do well

HS Computer Science Principles (10-12 grades) - Lloyd, Lisa

Computer Science subjects to be covered in the year long course are ethical and social implications, history, and an exploration of careers within the computer science field.

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