Introduction to Business/ Dual Credit (IWU)

This course is an overview of business functions and principles. Topics include business ownership, entrepreneurship, economics, global markets, management, leadership, ethics, marketing, financial management, accounting, and strategy.

This is a dual credit class through IWU. A complete transcript must accompany the application.

College Algebra/Dual Credit, (U of L)

In conjunction with The University of Louisville, this course fulfills the Math 111 class credit (3 college credit hours) satisfying the mathematics component of the quantitative reasoning general education requirement. Topics include advanced topics in algebraic and rational expressions and factoring; polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions; applications. Critical thinking will be emphasized.

English 12/Dual Credit Amer Literature & Comp CLEP (U of L) (2023/2024)

Prerequisite: 3.0 GPA. A complete transcript must accompany application. Students must also qualify by having a personal reference (preferably from an English teacher) or by scoring a 20 on the ACT Reading section or a 480 on the SAT reading (or higher). In conjunction with the University of Louisville, the compositions in English 12 will fulfill the ENG 101 and ENG 102 class credits (6 college credit hours) with personalized in-class conferencing. Students will complete a personal narrative, an argument essay, an infographic, as well as a research paper with an annotated bibliography and complete the year with a group presentation on a contemporary controversial topic. This class will also include an overview of American Literature, taught from a Christian world view. Students will read additional American novels each quarter.

Microeconomics/Dual Credit – (JCTC) (NEW 2023/2024)

Microeconomics: The standard principles course which introduces markets and interactions among individuals, firms, and government. Topics include supply and demand, perfect and imperfect competition, labor markets, and the role of government. (This class has been approved for Dual Credit through JCTC. )

Personal Finance / Dual Credit – (IWU)

Taught in conjunction with IWU.  This course applies biblical principles and practical life applications to financial decision-making.  Students will develop a financial plan for spending, risk management, and investment.