Christian Theology/Christ and Culture – Dual Credit (Campbellsville Univ.)

This class is a systematic study of the basic teachings of the Christian faith with an emphasis on teaching students that what we believe about God determines how we relate to Him and how you relate to others. Students will be introduced to and challenged to analyze what the whole Bible teaches about the doctrine of Word of God, the doctrine of God, doctrine of man, the doctrine of Christ, the doctrine of salvation, the doctrine of the church, and the doctrine of the future. In addition, the course will consider how each of these doctrines is relevant to everyday life.

KEES money can be accepted for this class.

World Religions – Dual Credit (Campbellsville Univ.)

This class is designed to introduce students to the major world religions— Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Shinto as well as a few non-spiritual religions—secular humanism, postmodernism, and Marxism. The course will also compare and contrast Christianity with the fundamental doctrines and beliefs, the practices, institutions, and cultural expressions of the other religious traditions. In addition, the course aims to identify some principles for dialogue between Christians and followers of other faiths.

KEES money can be accepted for this class.

Introduction to Business/ Dual Credit (IWU)

This course is an overview of business functions and principles. Topics include business ownership, entrepreneurship, economics, global markets, management, leadership, ethics, marketing, financial management, accounting, and strategy.

This is a dual credit class through IWU. A complete transcript must accompany the application.

College Algebra/Dual Credit, (U of L)

This standard college-level algebra course fulfills the University of Louisville’s 3-hour core math requirement. It is a gateway course to the higher levels of math needed for a variety of careers and helps students develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills which will benefit them in all of their future pursuits. Topics include polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions and mathematical modeling. The instructor will guide students and parents as they complete the paperwork required for this dual credit course.

KEES money can be accepted for this class.

English 12/ Dual Credit British Lit & Comp (2024-2025)

Prerequisites: 3.0 GPA. A complete transcript must accompany application. Students must also qualify by scoring a 20 on the ACT Reading section or a 480 on the SAT reading (or higher) or have a personal reference from a teacher. In conjunction with the University of Louisville, the compositions in English 12 will fulfill the ENG 101 and ENG 102 class credits (6 college credit hours) with personalized in-class conferencing. Students will complete a personal narrative, an argument essay, an infographic, as well as a research paper with an annotated bibliography and complete the year with a group presentation on a contemporary controversial topic. This class will also include an overview of British Literature, taught from a Christian world view. Students will read additional British novels each quarter.

KEES money can be accepted for this class.

Microeconomics/Dual Credit – (JCTC) (NEW 2023/2024)

Microeconomics: The standard principles course which introduces markets and interactions among individuals, firms, and government. Topics include supply and demand, perfect and imperfect competition, labor markets, and the role of government. (This class has been approved for Dual Credit through JCTC.)

KEES money can be accepted for this class.

Personal Finance / Dual Credit – (IWU)

Taught in conjunction with IWU.  This course applies biblical principles and practical life applications to financial decision-making.  Students will develop a financial plan for spending, risk management, and investment.


Dual Credit Courses at CEC are for 11th and 12th graders with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who are prepared to take on the challenge and responsibility of a college-level course.

Register your student for these courses in the same way you would for any other course here at CEC.

Yes. As soon as possible upon registering for a dual credit course, you will need to provide the CEC office with a transcript proving a minimum 3.0 GPA. Your transcript may consist of one or more of the following:

A homeschool transcript listing all classes taken at home, showing the semester and final grades for each class.
A transcript from a high school other than CEC. Contact the school to have it sent to CEC.
To obtain a CEC transcript, contact our office.

When classes begin in August, you will need to complete the appropriate college application listed for your course and sign any necessary agreements.

JCTC: click here

University of Louisville: click here

Campbellsville University: click here

IWU: applications will be provided during the first week of class and returned to the CEC when completed.

You will pay the appropriate college when you apply in August.

Tuition for University of Louisville, JCTC, and Campbellsville dual credit classes is $93 per credit hour. You will be prompted to pay when filling out your college application online.
For the IWU application, you will turn in a $150 check to the CEC office with your completed application (make your check payable to CEC).

Yes, the KHEAA dual credit scholarship pays for two general education courses.

The KHEAA dual credit scholarship does not apply to courses offered through IWU.

No, the college transcript must be sent from the institution through which the dual credit course was taken (in our case, U of L, JCTC, Campbellsville, or IWU).

Additonal Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions about dual credit courses!