Choir Advanced




Prerequisites: CEC Choir Class


Whitaker, Erin


No audition required. Students will learn and apply technical skills, analyze, collaborate, create and perform music. Students will enjoy singing, instruction in music theory, and sight singing.  We will have the opportunity to perform in a variety of venues and compete in local KMEA assessments as a group.

Prerequisites for Advanced: CEC Choir class. Returning students will register under Advanced Choir.  They will enjoy leadership roles and assist new students in acclimating to choir.


1″ Black binder with clear pocket sleeves on the front and back


Teacher Notes:

Class Fee: $50

For 24 Italian Songs and Arias book, Med High for Sopranos and Tenors, Med Low for Altos and Basses

Required Textbook(s) Subtitle ISBN or Code Price Publisher/Seller
24 Italian Songs and Arias 9780793525546 8.99
Let Us Sing Correctly 101 Exercises in Intonation, BH Kodaly HL# 48009982, UPC: 073999968996, Publisher Code: M060035388 9.95