Art – Middle School





Hales, Ginger


This class focuses on a portion of the elements and principles of design. Line, value, color, texture and repetition will be explored through the various projects students create. This class will also examine compositional topics of rhythm, points of view, and emphasis. This course is designed to encourage students’ creativity and instill a love for art. 


These are the recommended supplies.

Students do not need to all bring supplies to class each week.  Check Google Classroom each week to see which supplies need to be brought each indivudual week.  Supplies cannot be stored in the classroom.

You are welcome to substitute products and shop around at other stores. Most of the items I listed are off Amazon. Hobby Lobby and Michaels are good stores to buy from during their sales. It is important for some of the art supplies like charcoal and pencil paper and oil pastels to be of good quality. Poor quality paper will warp, and tear and inexpensive oil pastels will have terrible pigment. Another consideration is to buy in bulk with another person or group. Some of the items listed on Amazon are cheaper to buy in multiple packs. Students will not be able to share the supplies in class, but buying together in bulk might save money. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. I am looking forward to teaching art, it’s going to be a great year!      

  • S&S Worldwide Acrylic paint strips, primary, primary Amazon $1.79  
  • Pentel Oil Pastels 50/pkg assorted colors Amazon $8.98 (buy box of extra white and black) 
  • JimKing Creative Color Wheel Paint Mixing Learning Guide Amazon $5.99 or TEMU $2.18 
  • Mr. Pen- Blending Stump, 14 Pack with Art Eraser, Blending stumps… Amazon $5.85 
  • Aroic Acrylic Paint Brush set pack/10 pcs watercolor brushes Amazon $3.99 
  • Canson XL Series Paper Sketch Amazon $8.73 (at least 30 sheets) 
  • Amazon Basics Sketch and Drawing Pencil Kit 17 piece set Amazon $10.42 
  • Some type of portfolio or folder to protect artwork size 11×14. Amazon has one: Dunwell 11×14 art portfolio folder $13.95. 
  • Drawing board with clip (needs to hold 9×12 paper) Hobby Lobby 17”x13” for $6.99 
  • Artist Chamois cloth Hobby Lobby $2 
  • Temu paper masking tape for art $1.61 
  • School glue 
  • Notebook/binder for class handouts, notes, and homework 
  • Ruler

Teacher Notes:

Class Fee: $50

Required Textbook(s) Subtitle ISBN or Code Price Publisher/Seller
Binder only (see details under supplies) None None 2.00 Any Retailer