Congratulations Landry Feldmeier!

Landry was awarded the Bell Award Youth Service Honor and was also featured in Today’s Women. 

CEC Celebrates Landry Feldmeier!


This past September, Landry was awarded the prestigious Bell Award Youth Service Honor and in October she was also featured in Today’s Women for her extensive work in community service. She has created a platform called ‘Be Bold Be Kind’ in which she encourages others to find what gifts and talents they have and use them to benefit others; stepping out of comfort zones (Be Bold) and be proactive in making someone’s day brighter through kindness (Be Kind). Even throughout quarantine she continued serving by making blankets for Norton’s children’s, collecting over 300 teddy bears for Ardi’s Bears, making dinners for Forgotten Louisville, hosting zoom parties for little princesses across the state, and making over 3,500 snack bags for RAK Louisville that were distributed to various groups to feed students throughout Louisville. She was awarded a $4,000 scholarship for this honor. Below are the links to learn more.  Congratulations Landry, your CEC family is proud of your accomplishments!