Congratulations Joshua and Caleb Pym!

After an eight-month process, Joshua and Caleb have been admitted to the Air Force Academy! Since August, they have worked incredibly hard. To get in, they completed various tests unique to the service academy. In addition to taking the SAT and ACT, they completed several difficult evaluations before the end of December: candidate fitness assessments; medical examinations; interviews with their Congressman and Senators; and three essays illustrating why they wanted to attend. The acceptance rate is 11 percent, and the odds for both of them to get in is even lower at 3 percent. In March, they both received acceptance letters! They believe God opened the door for the two of them to attend together. This is a high honor that reflects both CEC and homeschooling! Caleb and Joshua are truly grateful for this opportunity.  Congratulations, your CEC Family is very proud of both of you and your accomplishments!