Music Appreciation





Pennington, Jonathan


This class fulfills the fine arts credit by teaching the history of music through interaction with the different periods, movements, style, and technique.


Three-ring binder filled with lined paper; pencils

Teacher Notes:

No Class Fee. The only textbook for this class is the Brief 7th edition of Kamien. Please note that you have some options – the book with or without the CD set. The CDs have required music that will be used each week, however, all of this music can also be found quite easily through other means such as Spotify and YouTube. There is a convenience to having the accompanying CDs, but I will leave this decision up to each family. Most new editions of the Brief 7th Edition also include an online Kamien Connect code. This is NOT required, but is one way that a student can also access the music. I recommend finding the textbook used if possible.

Required Textbook(s) Subtitle ISBN or Code Price Publisher/Seller
Music: An Appreciation Brief 7th Edition with 5-CD Set 9780077433536 $0.00 Amazon
Music: An Appreciation Brief 7th Edition without CDs 9780077601379 $0.00 Amazon
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