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  • Bill Speicher – Athletic Director
  • Boys Varsity Basketball
    Head Coach: Jared Slaughter
    Assistant Coach: Robert Mouser
  • Boys JV Basketball
    Head Coach: Jared Slaughter
    Associate Head Coach: Mike LaForrest
  • Boys Middle School Basketball
    Head Coach: Cary Depew
  • Varsity Volleyball
    Head Coach: Mark Biller
    Assistant Coach: TBA
  • Junior Varsity Volleyball
    Head Coach: Brooks Evens
  • Girls Varsity and JV Basketball
    Head Coach: Stephanie Mouser
    Assistant Coach: Robert Mouser
  • Boys Varsity and JV Baseball
    Head Coach: Scott Dibble
    Assistant Coach: Bill Ellis
  • Soccer
    Head Coach: Darron Colwick
    Assistant Coach: TBA
  • Archery
    Head Coach: Shannon Depew
  • Track
    Head Coach: Don Harris


  • 2015-16 Track Team
  • Spring 2016
  • Spring 2016


Head Coach: Don Harris


Track is open to all students. Tryouts are in early February with competition beginning in early March and ending in mid to late May.


If you are interested in participating, please complete a Medical Release Form, linked at left. Download the form in the format convenient for you. After printing and/or filling it out, return it to the coach of the sport you want to play. Be sure your coach has your email address.

CEC Sports Practice and Commitments

  • All CEC students in grades 8-12 who take at least three classes at CEC and maintain a "C" average or better in each class are eligible to participate.
  • Playing will involve travel and weekend games CEC teams practice 3-4 times weekly and all players are expected to be at all practices.
  • Making a team is no guarantee of playing time in the games.
  • Participation on a team will require an additional Athletics Activity Fee.
  • Participants will need to agree to adhere to the CEC policy on Athletic Team participation.
  • Games may be scheduled on Mondays–Saturdays, both at home and away. CEC will play teams in Louisville and surrounding areas.