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CEC Dual Credit Options

CEC Dual Credit Option

The Christian Educational Consortium has entered into agreements with Boyce College and Indiana Wesleyan University to offer certain select classes to 11-12th grade CEC students in which they may be able to earn both high school and college credit.

High School Credit

ANY 11th and 12th grade student may take one of these classes for high school credit ONLY. The price is the same as any CEC class, and there is no GPA requirement to participate. The advantage to taking this dual credit class is the rigor involved, as well as the dual credit designation on the CEC transcript.

College Credit*

In order to qualify for college credit, students must submit the following:

  • A CEC, school, or home school transcript with a 3.0 GPA
  • A signed contract with the college to take the dual credit class
  • The college fee for the college hours (this varies from $150 - $250 per class)

In addition Boyce requires that you have taken the ACT, SAT, or PRAXIS test and an enrollment fee with their application.

*Please Check with the universities to which you are applying before you pay for the college credit if you think they may not accept it.

  • CEC classes are taught from a Christian world view
  • More competitive transcript for college acceptance and scholarships
  • Potential college savings of thousands of dollars in tuition and books
  • Confidence that he/she can walk into college having already completed college level classes, not just passed a test
  • Students who take rigorous courses while in high school are much more likely to complete college in four years than those who take regular classes
  • With College credits completed before starting college, students have more options such as obtaining a double major or early graduation.

CEC Dual Credit Option – Boyce College Classes

  • Contemporary Mathematics
  • English 12– English 101 and English 102

CEC Dual Credit Option – Indiana Wesleyan University Classes

  • Business
  • Career Development
  • Personal Finance