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English 12/ Dual Credit British Literature and Comp (2018/2019)

Clark, Beverly
Prerequisite: 3.0 GPA if taking the class for dual credit, and previous CEC English class or instructor’s permission. English 12 composition will fulfill the ENG 101 and 102 class credits. This class will personalize the composition process with peer reviews and one on one class conferencing of composition papers. Students will develop critical writing skills, culminating in an academic research paper with an oral presentation. This class will also include an overview of British literature with an emphasis on Shakespeare and C. S. Lewis, taught from a Christian worldview. Students will read additional British novels throughout the year.
2 binders – one dual credit portfolio binder and one homework binder, dividers ( 14 between the two binders), paper, pen/pencil for notes, RED pens for corrections
Teacher Notes
There will be extra fees if you are taking this class as a dual credit class that will be paid at the beginning of each semester. I will be sending out this information as an email to the students as soon as I can get more detailed information. Price of textbook varies on Amazon.
Required Textbook(s) Subtitle ISBN or Code Price Publisher/Seller
Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes. The British Tradition. Prentice Hall Literature - Student edition, 2004 0131804375 $20.00 Amazon
The Holy Bible Any edition or an electronic version is fine. $5.00 Any retailer
Hamlet Author: Shakespeare. Any unabridged edition is acceptable $6.99 Amazon
The Screwtape Letters Author: C. S. Lewis. Any unabridged edition is acceptable $10.00 Amazon
MLA Handbook Eighth Edition 978-1-60329-2627 $15.00 Modern Language