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Happy 15th Anniversary, CEC! by Michaela Parker

Celebrating fifteen years of barn blasts, proms, and the homeschooled life, Christian Educational Consortium of Louisville, Kentucky, stands today as the biggest and greatest that it has ever been. CEC, founded by Director Beverly Clark, offers homeschool students multiple benefits including sports and clubs. Despite the many offerings that the school enjoys in the present, this was not always the case in the past.

Clark said that the central concept of CEC was and has always been to provide a quality Christian education. “The name ‘consortium’ came from my time spent on the St. James Court Art Fair Board, where they are a consortium of streets that connect to conduct the art fair,” Clark said. The school certainly went on to exemplify the meaning of its name.“God has done exceedingly abundantly above all I could ever ask or imagine. From drama to sports to service projects and clubs, CEC has become a place where home educated students can have a welcoming school experience that helps prepare them for college and for life.

Clark explained that it was, in fact, not part of her plans to create a school that would grow so much. “When a few parents called me to tutor their children, a group of instructors and I agreed to organize,” she said. “God receives the glory for CEC and what it has become.” Alongside Clark, CEC Math Chair Linda Jones and former CEC instructor Beverly Sivert helped to organize and promote the school as well. “At first I thought CEC was going to be small enough to fit classes around the dining room table, but it grew to where we had to search for some classrooms before school began in the fall of 2001,” Clark said. Eventually, they found what they were looking for at Eastside Praise. Before they knew it, the school had grown so much that they could no longer fit students in the tiny Sunday school rooms that they were using at Eastside Praise. That’s when the school transitioned to Bethany Baptist, where the school again saw a period of rapid growth.

Perhaps the biggest highlight for CEC was the move from Bethany Baptist Church to the professional facility at Indiana Wesleyan University Louisville campus. However, the transition was certainly a risk to the school’s funding. “It was a blessing that my husband and I had the connection of being former instructors here, but the increased cost was a risk,” Clark said. It was a stretch of faith, but the decision was made and the transition was effective and successful. Clark explained that “God met our needs the first year by increasing the student body to where we met our budget.” To this day, CEC meets at Indiana Wesleyan University, where students have access to equipment that the school never could have afforded on its own.

Providing rigorous academics and extra-curricular activities for homeschoolers, an affordable cost, and excellent teachers who want the best for their students, CEC continues to grow more and more every year by the grace of God. “It is exciting to see how the school has grown from 40 students to 470, but even more than that, I love the plethora of class options that we offer,” said Clark.

After fifteen years of growth and success, CEC has the potential only to improve in the future. “I have no idea what God has planned, but I am excited about the future of CEC, because it has been a wonderful growing experience of faith for me and for my family,” said Clark.

From its humble beginnings to a thriving school with many opportunities for students, CEC has been a blessing to many families during its fifteen years of operation. Celebrate with us as we commemorate fifteen years of excellence!

Excerpts taken from Ben Wright’s CEC celebrates 10th Anniversary (CEC grad ’13)

“ ‘CEC began with six instructors who wanted to offer classes together in our area of expertise in a collegiate style atmosphere,’ said Mrs. Beverly Clark, the founding Director.

“From 40 students in two rooms at Eastside Praise, CEC quickly outgrew this facility to move to the Highlands location of Bethany Baptist Church. After seven years of steady growth, CEC is now in its present facility of Indiana Wesleyan University- Louisville campus, with over 30 faculty and staff serving a student body that exceeds an enrollment of 400. God has blessed CEC as the goal continues to guide students to excel in rigorous academic pursuits while preparing them on their lifelong walk of faith.”

Our Mission

CEC is established to support families who value Christian character and collegiate style academics for youth, in order to prepare them to glorify God through their lives.

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Christian Educational Consortium

Our aim is to glorify God as we minister through teaching and preparing students to be God’s ambassadors in the world.


Our goal is to provide a blended education of the traditional classroom with home education for traditional home schooled students and those who are beginning their home education experience.


Our group is a committed association of teachers who have joined together for their mutual benefit and enjoyment of the teaching process.

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